-  Accommodating your guests upon their arrival and departure ( in the property )

-  Introducing guests with garden, interior and property inventory

-  Register your guests with appropriate local authorities

-  Property inspection and inventory check before all guest departures

-  Make a payment for accommodation and/or services

-  Cleaning all surfaces ( dry and wet cleaning )

-  Vacuum cleaning of carpets

-  Cleaning the dirt on the furniture

-  Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and toilets ( towel change, change of all supplies materials )

-  Cleaning kitchen surfaces and cupboards

-  Cleaning of all facilities and equipment

-  Cleaning windows, doors, sockets and switches

-  Changing bed linen

-  Concern about unclean bed linen, towels and dish cloths ( client pay bills for cleaning services to company with whom we

   cooperate )

-  Discharge recycle bin, their ablation and seting the clean garbage bags

-  Emptying and cleaning the refrigerator

-  Outdoor furniture cleaning

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